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Bio and Exhibitions

Over the past thirty years, Avi Yair has lived and worked in Tel-Aviv. Various artistic mediums have interested him and over the past fifteen years, collage and assemblage have become the center of his artistic efforts. Yair works with readymade, primarily printed matter dealing with history and geography such as maps, old atlases and magazines, as well as easily accessible materials such as tuna cans, paint brushes and figurines. 

Through the process of cutting, tearing, gluing, and reassembling, He assigns these materials a new role, steering them away from their original purpose. Working in this way allows him to conduct intimate dialogues with the past and create new narratives, new worlds, new perspectives. These dialogues have also found their way into his work in etching and lino-cut, mediums he has pursued for over ten years. Furthermore, these endeavors enable Yair to explore issues of immigration, conflict and identity, as they touch upon the individual's personal history in addition to the events of the 20th century.

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Selected Exhibitions


Solo Exhibition: "Rear Window", Urban Gallery, Tel-Aviv 


"The 18th International Asian & African and Mediterranean International Art

Exhibition", Tagus Center of Arts, Hangzhou, China 

"Empty Columns Are A Place To Dream", Birr, Offaly, Ireland

Solo Exhibition"Peopleless", Urban Gallery, Tel-Aviv 


"Collagistas Festival #6", Maison du Peuple, Brussels, Belgium
"Taanugot"  ("Delights")  - Small Format Etchings, The Artists' House, Tel-Aviv 


"Back Shortly", Zadik Gallery, Tel-Aviv 
Solo Exhibition: "Topographic Iconography", Urban Gallery, Tel-Aviv 
"What If?", KAOS Festival, Kranj, Slovenia
"Collagistas Festival #5", Temple Bar + Gallery, Dublin, Ireland


Solo Exhibition: "Believe, The Day Will Come", Zadik Gallery, Tel-Aviv

"Collagistas Festival #4", Stecca 3.0, Milan, Italy


"Sculpture: Allegories of the Present", The Artists' House, Tel-Aviv

"Collagistas Festival #3", Kelderman en van Noort, Eindhoven, Netherlands

"Der Himmel ist blau", Bahnhof Kropelin, Kropelin, Germany


"Collagistas Festival 2015", Tabya Art Space, Thessaloniki, Greece

"Paperworks 3", Upstream Gallery, Hastings-On-Hudson, New York, USA


"Earth (Adama)", Apter-Barrer Art Center & Gallery, Ma'a lot –Tarshicha

Solo Exhibition: "Mostly Collage", The White House, Nir-Oz


"The Art of the Book", Apter-Barrer Art Center & Gallery, Ma'a lot –Tarshicha

Solo Exhibition: "You Are Not Alone", Bahnhof Kropelin, Kropelin, Germany

"Scopophilia", online exhibition:


"Connected", Villa 1912, Kropelin, Germany

Solo Exhibition: "Mostly Collage", Rawart Gallery, Tel-Aviv


"Middle Yeast", Palazzo Sant'Elia, Palermo, Sicily

Berry Sakharof "You Are Here" CD Design Collaboration, See Here


Fresh Paint 3, Tel-Aviv

Solo Exhibition: "You Are Here", Rawart Gallery, Tel-Aviv


Fresh Paint 2, Tel-Aviv

Solo Exhibition: "Tuna Cans", Zimmer Gallery, Tel-Aviv


“Connected”, Altes Museum, Mönchengladbach, Germany


Solo Exhibition: “Naked and Bare”, Dwek Gallery, Jerusalem


Group Exhibit, Peer Gallery, Tel-Aviv


Solo Exhibition: “Objects” – Peer Gallery, Tel-Aviv


“Blickwechsel – Instant Recognition”, Mann Auditorium, Tel-Aviv


Yefet 28 Art Gallery, Jaffa


“Small Sculpture” – Kalisher 5, Tel-Aviv

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